First Rizal Park, then this photo of a dot spot on a jeepney. I’M SO HAPPY, Swedish House Mafia will be performing in Manila!!! Their first and last gig here. January 16, 2013, Mall of Asia Arena. Let’s go.


Spot the dot in Manila!

I thought the Alesso + David Guetta mix was difficult to top for the best concert/ party I’ve been to of late, but yesterday Swedish House Mafia posted a dot spot, and it’s of Rizal Park!!! (For their One Last Tour, they’ve been posting photos of different landmarks with their logo to indicate where they’ll be performing.) I almost fell of my seat when I saw their post on Twitter:

I hope it means they’re coming to perform in Manila for real–because then that would be the best concert/ party EVER!

And this would be the perfect line-up… Avicii, Alesso, Swedish House Mafia. I can die after that. Yes, that’s just how much of a fanatic I am!

New camera, more chronicles!

I’ve always wanted to replace my bulky LX5 for something more compact but feature-filled as well. So when I lost my camera a few months ago, it was the perfect excuse to get a new one.


I’m very happy with it so far since it’s small, sleek & compact for its superior specs, relative to other digicams sold in the market. I’ve only used the S100 last weekend during a family trip, but the photos (which are just in Auto mode) look great. Watch out for more posts now that I have a better camera!

The 2012 (free) concert series

I’m so happy that more foreign acts are including the Philippines in their world tours as of late. If only I was assigned in Manila, I would have watched more concerts this year. The 5-hour drive from Dagupan has to be worth it for me to watch, or the concert has to fall on a weekend. This was an exception though, for Lady Gaga– where my friend Marlon and me were given FREE patron tickets 4 hours before! That gave us such a tight schedule to make it from Dagupan to Manila… and back in time for work the next day.

Marlon: Inca, please come with me to Manila. Balikan lang.

Me: No way!

Marlon: What if I tell you it’s because we’re gonna watch Lady Gaga? Free patron tickets!

Me: (After screaming) Okay, I’m in! What time are we leaving? I’ll drive!

So we watched the concert and drove all the way back to Dagupan, arriving at 5am. One hour of sleep and I was up again to leave for Ilocos, since my ahente friends were all going.

Lady Gaga. I watched her first concert back in 2009, and this time she performed just as well. She’s a really good performer!


Marlon’s friend Che works for SM, so she’s able to give us concert tickets at the last minute… but by “last minute” I mean up to the last hour! I was again fortunate to be available (it was a Sunday) when Che gave me a free lower box ticket for NKOTBSB. I didn’t wanna go at first since I would have to watch it alone, but hell I just went for it! I may not have known my seatmates but I was screaming like a young schoolgirl still in love with BSB!

NKOTBSB. BSB still rocks. Love their songs, they killed it! I’m so glad I watched the concert… if I had known they’d be that good, I would’ve bought a ticket myself too!

Thanks Che for the free ticket!

Aaaand there’s another one coming up in October. DAVID FREAKIN’ GUETTA! I’m willing to pay for patron to get a sure ticket, rather than wait for a free one! This is it, the party of all parties, my concert/gig dream come true! I loved his songs even before he went commercial. And I can’t wait ’till October. Anyone wants to watch in patron?




“Family” photos

At any given stage in my life, I’m lucky enough to have friends that are like family to me. They were a source of happiness & strength, enough to make me live through anything I was going through, from the happiest times to the worst days (and from fat, to fattest, to fat, to less fat!). It’s a holiday & I’m feeling sentimental (thankful as well), so I’m dedicating a post to the people I called family over the years. I’m enjoying looking through my photos deciding which ones to post, just remembering all the good times. Here goes!

The Joyluck Club – Coming from two different groups in high school, we merged after a time that we reunited to catch up. Though most of our get-togethers are clean fun, coffee & movies (oldie stuff!), we’re a solid hearty group with each other through thick & thin- even literally!

DPBS – A group of anti-college block cliques that formed a cliquish group thereafter. We braved through 4 years in Ateneo– from  Katipunan lunches, movie gimmicks, watching UAAP games, hanging out at our bench, to working on our thesis together. It was all just simple back then, when all I had to think about was going to school. Now we’re all mature, working, and the stories we share aren’t as simple as before…

Maersk Logistics IEL – my first department at work. I felt so at home that I didn’t want to know what I was gonna be missing when I left. Though I only stayed for 9 months, it was such a fun time as we were friends even outside of the office.

Maersk International Shipping Education – SEAMISE 2006. My co-MISE trainees from Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. We were the “automatic group” throughout the 2 years of MISE training– helping each other in our studies, having Asian noodle parties in Copenhagen during module, and travelling around Europe together!

Maersk Davao – my only friends in Davao when I lived there back in 2008. I was closest to Bong (my boss & mother figure), Tetet (girl talk friend), and Rex (clubbing partner). They made my stint livable and less lonely especially since I was away from my family for months on end.

Core group – friends from Colgate & now my active barkada. The solid part of the Colgate group that still hangs out together, even if not everyone works in Colgate anymore. We’ve traveled to Singapore, Boracay, ventured into business together, and still do our weekly re-conventions, aside from everyone being friends with each other individually!

Dagupan Crew – We’re a group of account managers from different top suppliers, handling the same account in Dagupan. I’m happy that everyone is on the same wavelength, all of us being from Manila. Living in the province during the week is fun because of them– lunch, admin work, and even rota don’t have to be done alone all the time!

Though not all my “families” are solid until now, it’s part of life that people (and groups) come and go. Some will relocate to other countries, some you won’t hear from anymore, and some are just short-lived. I’m glad though that I’ve kept the individual friendships even if the group isn’t together anymore. There is one thing I’m sure I don’t suck at, and it’s KEEPING IN TOUCH.

Last but not the least, I won’t forget my very first family, the one that has seen me grow up, will surely be there through thick & thin, and the only one I’m sure will last forever :)

2012 Travels: Davao

With my free Air Philippines ticket (from being bumped off to Boracay in 2010), I booked a flight to visit Davao last January. I haven’t gone back since I last left there in December 2008, and it was a good time to reconnect with my former colleagues from Maersk. Right on time, almost everyone was present for an office videoke (just like old times) on the night that I arrived. The setup- videoke thru a projector in the meeting room, and food & drinks in the pantry!

What's left of former Maersk Davao colleagues: Razel, Iman, Rudy, Tetet and me

I wanted it to be a totally chill weekend, so I didn’t have a fixed itinerary, and I went alone as well. My mission was just to get the feel of Davao again, and meet the people I called family when I lived there back in 2008. On Saturday morning I met with Ms. Rowie, a former colleague from Manila who’s now the branch manager in Davao. She took me to a small hole in the wall place called Lachi’s- which serves really good baby back ribs and pastries. Too bad I couldn’t buy some to take home :(

With Ms. Rowie and her husband Miguel at Lachi's

Lachi's famous baby back ribs

Durian-flavored sans rival! Davao has everything in durian flavor :)

I went around Abreeza Mall after for some Saturday afternoon shopping. Man, I wish that place was around during my time! There are good retail shops already similar to the ones here in Manila, and I liked that there weren’t too many people shopping- which meant more choices (especially with regard to sizes) for me!

In the evening I met up with Bong, my former boss, mentor, mother, and gym buddy in Davao. It was so good to catch up with her over young girl stories, memories of before and how we’ve changed since then. And it was the best time for her to break the good news to me that she’s getting married again soon! I was genuinely so happy :) We met up after with other Maersk people for some cocktails in Autoshop, an area I used to frequent every Saturday night for clubbing.

Catching up with Bong over wine. Now that I'm older I can finally enjoy drinking wine with her!

Mariel, Lurich, Francis, me and Bong at Fat Bobby's for cocktails

On Sunday I had brunch with Tetet and Mariel at Pico Bello Italian Restaurant- I remember this was where I ate when I first visited Davao back in 2003. We went to shop for pomelos I was gonna take back home, then Tetet brought me to the airport.

Tetet, me and Mariel at Pico Bello

Look-- vandalized elevator at J.S. Gaisano

I love that Davao still keeps its very laid-back atmosphere. I wouldn’t mind being assigned there again- let’s say for a sales territory, as long as I have a car! (Just imagine that I had to take the public transportation to everywhere before, and it was a lot to take!) I stayed by the way at this new boutique hotel called Hotel Esse.

My bed at Hotel Esse

It was a short but super meaningful trip where I was able to reconnect with the place where I started to grow up in aspects of life, love and friendship. It was here that I learned how to live and do things alone, and also where I started learning more about myself. That time may have been full of drama (super!), but it’s all made me into who I am today. I promised not to take another 4 years before visiting Davao again. :)

Sunday night thoughts

Should I be the one to catch up, or be the one to be caught up with? 

Should I be the one to catch up, or should I wait for someone to catch up with me?

I know now what I have to change.

But, why should it be an effort?

Why do some people just have it naturally?

Is it because they’re missing out on the fun, or because being like that is their definition of it?

And why should I change myself? Don’t they say that you are what you are, take it or leave it?